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  The recording rates are calculated on a all-inclusive base with talent fee, director, studio, sound engineer and voice file delivery. The duration of the final recording determinates the price. To simplify the procedure, there are just 4 categories:      
up to 30 seconds 500€
up to 90 seconds 850€
up to 3 minutes 1200€
up to 5 minutes 1500€
  Recordings over 5 minutes lengths will be quoted on special request.

In case an order contains the same text to be recorded in various languages, there are discounts on the overall billing amount:

Orders of a minimum of 3 standard languages: 5% discount
Orders of all 5 standard languages: 10% discount
The 5 standard languages are: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

The discounts will be deducted on the final payment, according to the order acknoledgement. For technical reasons, the discounts can not come into effect with the payment on account.


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